General Testing Information

Students in Beginners, Interdmediate or Advanced will be tested each class for a 4 week period to see which skills they are proficient on.  The skills they will be tested on are listed on the corresponding level page.  In order to be passed to the next level, students will need to be able to perform each skill a minimum of two times in a row, two class days in a row on their own.  We continue to try and keep kids moving as much as possible during the testing period, but with so much focus needing to be on one child at a time there may be longer lines than normal during the testing period.  It is our duty to make sure that each child is in a safe and positive environment and skills testing helps us to provide that by ensuring that children are enrolled in classes that are age and skill appropriate for them.  

Each athlete will receive a slip of paper on the last day of testing that will indicate what level is recommended for them to register for the next time around.  Please be supportive of both your child/children and our staff through this process.  We have your child's best interests in mind when making decisions on level recommendations and welcome any questions you might have throughout this process.