Party Structure

A traditional hour and a half party will usually include 1 hour in the gym, leaving you a half hour to celebrate in the lobby with treats, presents or whatever other activities you may want to use that space for.  The gym time may include games, races, trampoline time, pit time, obstacle courses, open gym or age/skill appropriate gymnastics instruction.  Our coaches will talk to you, the party host, when you arrive to welcome you and determine what type of party structure will best suit your group.  What a fun and easy way to celebrate with no major preparation and no clean up afterward!

Parties can be extended for an additional cost.  If you decide to extend your fun at NPGC, you and the coaches can work together to determine how the time should be divided between the gym and the lobby.  The additional time can be added to the gym time, lobby time or a little of each. 


There is a $25 non-refundable deposit for any party that is required to hold your party time, and is paid up front.   The $25 deposit will be taken off your final total when you pay for the remainder of the party.  If for some reason you have to cancel the party we ask that you please provide at least 24 hour notice, if possible, and the deposit is still owed.   

If your group has 10 children or less participating in the party, the cost is $125 total for an hour and a half party (this includes your $25 deposit).  There is a $10 fee for each additional child beyond 10.  . 

For those seeking additional time for your party, you may extend the party to 2 hours for a cost of $175.  For anyone who would like to extend their enjoyment even further please contact our office for pricing.  

Reserving a Party

Birthday parties are reserved for Saturdays. We can host up to three parties each Saturday. Please email for available times.  If we have a date and time available that will work for you, we will confirm the party date and time, then collect the deposit and any necessary information from you (such as birthday boy/girl's name and age they are turning, estimated number of attendees, contact information for you as the host and how you would like to take care of the waivers).  

What do I do for the party?

As the party host you will be responsible for bringing anything you want to have for the party beyond the gymnastics equipment and lobby space.  We do not have decorations, refreshments or paper products.  We do have fridge or freezer space available and drinking fountains that you are welcome to use.  You will also be asked by the coaches if there is anything in particular you were hoping to have as part of the party (i.e. open gym, certain games or party activities, trampoline time, etc).  You will work with them to determine a structure that suits your group.  After your hour of gymnastics fun, your group has an additional half-an-hour to open gifts and celebrate in the lobby.

All participants must have a release form signed by their parent/guardigan in order to participate.  You will need to determine how and when the parent/guardian is going to recieve these waivers and make sure that each child has a completed waiver prior to participating in the party.  Release forms may be picked up when the deposit is made, printed off the webpage or filled out by the child’s parent/guardian when dropped off at the club.