General Information

Pre-team is our last recreational class offering before reaching our competitive team.  Each pre-team class meets for two hours.    The purpose of pre-team is to refine and enhance current skills, continue to build on the skill base by learning news skills, and add more combinations of skills.  Those in pre-team should start to learn and understand the language of gymnastics and the requirements needed if students choose to try and move on to a competitive setting.  Try outs for team are held in May of each year.  More information will be posted about tryouts when we get closer to that point.  

It not required that students try out for team or compete. If you have a child who enjoys the sport, but does not want to be competitive in it they can stay on pre-team as long as they would like.  Our goal is to provide a safe, enjoyable gymnastics experience for our athletes and to prepare them with the skills and knowledge necessary to compete at the high school level if they ever choose to do that.  

2018 Team Try out Schedule and Format

Try outs this year will be held on two Saturdays at the end of April and the beginning of May. 

April 28th 12:00-2:00

May 5th 11:30-1:30

This is different from previous years.  An email will be sent out to all pre-team families and they will be asked to pick a date if they are going to have a child try out. 


Team Try Out Policy

To be considered to be able to try out for NPGC competitive teams you must first be a member of the New Prague Gymnastics Club. That means you must spend a minimum of one session working within our pre-team program. Try outs are held every May so you must, at bear minimum, be on pre-team by the Spring session which begins in March.

Try outs for NPGC competitive teams are held every May. Competitive teams are also chosen in May, after try-outs, as our practice schedule is dependent on team placement.