Our parent/tot class is designed to introduce the sport of gymnastics to children 2-3 years of age while providing a unique bonding experience for parent and child.  This is a 45 minute class where the parents are out on the floor with their children helping to direct behavior, assist their child through circuits and stations and making sure that each child is provided a safe, fun experience.  We use a structured, play-centered approach to focus on basic locomotor movements, balance and introductory gymnastics skills.

Potty Training is a plus!

Class Structure

Class structure will vary slightly day by day and class by class due to availability of equipment, but we try to keep as much consistency as possible to make things easier for our students.  

A traditional tot class will include:

  • approximately 10 minutes of locomotor movements and stretching
  • 10-15 minutes on our obstacle course; designed to work strength, coordination, locomotor movements and basic gymnastics skills
  • 20-25 minutes of time for any combination of the following: trampoline stations, climbing and sliding, low beam work or bars.