General information

Older beginners is a combination of beginner I and beginner II for students who are just getting started in gymnastics at 9 years of age or older or who need a refresher course after being away from the sport for awhile.  We have had many students that have showed interested in getting started at an older age but felt uncomfortable being in a class with younger kids.  We are hoping that this class provides an option for a more comfortable experience for these students while still ensuring that the basic skills and strength are developed appropriately so that safety and success are not compromised.  The only prerequisite for this class is that the student is at least 9 years of age at some point during the session and that they are ready to have fun and work hard.  

Just like Beginner I and Beginner II the class will consist of a 15 minute warm-up/stretch period followed by three separate 15 minute rotations on events.  The three event rotations can consist of any combination of the following: vault, bars, beam, floor or trampoline.  


Testing will take place in weeks 7-10 with the students receiving a level recommendation from the coach on week 10.  In order to pass older beginners students need to be able to successfully perform each of the skills listed for beginner I and II, on their own.  They must be able to do this a minimum of two consecutive turns on two consecutive weeks.  This shows us that the student is proficient in the skills taught and has enough consistency to move on and begin working towards the next set of skills.  Students must pass older beginners before they can take intermediate.  This ensures the safety of the gymnast and helps us to provide a positive, successful gymnasts experience for each child.

*Refer to Beginner I and Beginner II pages to see the skills tested.