General Information

We have three beginner options for those who are new, or fairly new, to gymnastics.  Below you will find a basic description for each beginner group.  To the left you will see a tab for each beginner group which will provide you with more detailed information in regards to skills and testing information.  

The class structure for any of the beginner groups is going to include 15 minutes of warm-up and stretching followed by three separate 15 minute rotations on events. 


Although age determines registration for parent/tot and pre-k that is only the case for first time registrants in beginners.  Once a student has taken a beginner class class advancement is determined by skill achievement.  Students must pass beginner I or older beginners in order to advance to the next level.  Testing will take place on weeks 7-10 of each school year session.  At the conclusion of the testing period (week 10) your child will receive a slip with the coach’s level recommendation on it.  You can find more specific testing information including the skills tested on the individual level pages.  

Beginner I

Beginner I is for students ages 6-8 who are just getting started in gymnastics or those who are moving on from our Pre-K program.  For those moving on from Pre-K you need to have a coach's approval unless your child is within the specified age range at some point during the session.  

Beginner II

Beginner II is for students 6-8 years of age who have completed and passed beginner I at New Prague Gymnastics Club.  You must have a coach's recommendation in order to register for beginner II.

Older Beginners

Older beginners is a new offering for us at New Prague gymnastics that allows those that are just getting started at 9 years of age or older to begin building essential gymnastics skills with those of a similar age.  This class will provide opportunities to work on the beginner I and beginner II skills based on each child's individual ability on each event.