General information

Beginner II is a continuation in the development of strength and technique needed to master basic gymnastics skills. In this level students will continue to master the beginner I skills while learning the skills that build off of them. The passing of beginner I is a prerequisite for this class.

Just like beginner I, each class is 1 hour long with 15 minutes or warm-up and stretching followed by three different 15 minute rotations.  Event rotations will differ from week to week and can include any combination of the following: vault, bars, beam, floor and trampoline. 


Testing will take place in weeks 7-10 with the students receiving a level recommendation from the coach on week 10.  Below you will find the skills that will be tested for each event.  In order to pass beginner II students need to be able to successfully perform each of the skills listed on their own a minimum of two consecutive turns on two consecutive weeks.  This shows us that the student is proficient in the skills taught and has enough consistency to move on and begin working towards the next set of skills.  Students must pass beginner II before they can take intermediate.  This ensures the safety of the gymnast and helps us to provide a positive, successful gymnasts experience for each child.


  • handstand block: kicking to handstand, hopping off of and landing on both hands simultaneously 

  • hurdle with arm circle lift: hurdling from 1 foot to two while circle the arms back and lifting arms to ears on jump from board

  • dive roll onto mat(s):  looking for lift, so there is flight prior to catching on hands and performing roll 


  • lunge - kick - lunge (beginner handstand): looking for feet to touch before splitting to land back in lunge; same foot in front on start and finish and arms remaining by ears the whole time are other things we are looking for

  • tuck jump on the beam: jumping and lifting knees to chest, keeping belly button facing the end of the beam, before landing back on beam; must remain on the beam to pass 

  • step 1/2 turn: turning on 1 foot with other leg coming in front of and around base leg to step in front for finish

*all skills are performed on the low beams


  • back pull over: holding bar and pulling feet and body up and over bar to support with feet remaining together

  • back hip circle: casting and returning the hips back to the bar before circling backwards around the bar to finish in front support

  • forward roll to L-hang: beginning in front support and rolling forward off the bar to an “L”, or pike, position and holding for 5 seconds without feet touching the floor; bar should be about eye level 


  • backward roll:  performed on the floor, push off each hand equally and land on feet, without knees touching, before stretching to finish 

  • handstand forward roll: looking for 2-3 second hold in handstand before rolling, feet and knees remain together throughout handstand and roll with hands reaching in front to finish 

  • front to back cartwheel: start and finish facing opposite directions with hips square, arms by ears and opposite foot in front

    • land facing the spot you came from