NPGC Policies and Procedures

1.  Payment.  Payment must be received prior to the start of the class in order for your child to be registered.

2.  Registration.  All registration must be done online through the website at

3.  Refunds BEFORE the Start of a Session.  If your register for a class and later wish to cancel the registration BEFORE the session starts, you may receive a full refund of the tuition, less $20.  All refunds will be sent via mail.

4.  Refunds AFTER the Start of a Session.  There will be no refunds given after the start of a session, unless due to injury.

5.  Injuries.  If your child gets hurt during the session and has to miss class due to that injury make sure to obtain a doctor’s note and inform us of the injury and amount of time that will be missed due to the injury. If it is only a day or two, we may be able to offer a chance to make-up the classes. If it is an extended period of time or they are required to miss the remainder of the session we will credit the money for a future session or refund the money.     

6.  Switching Classes.  After registering, but before the start of the session, if you want to switch to a class offered on a different day or at a different time, you may do so provided there is room in the class you seek to join.  If the class you are moving into has a greater tuition expense then the class you original registered for, then you must pay the increased tuition.  However, if the class you are moving into has a lesser tuition expense than your original class, you will not receive a refund.  Please choose the classes you register for carefully!

7.  Classes.  Classes may be combined or cancelled due to limited enrollment or coaching situations.  

8.  Parent-Tot and Pre-K Gymnasts must wait in the lobby until their class is called for warm-ups. Beginner 1 through Pre-Team Gymnasts need to wait on the bleachers for attendance to be taken and for their coaches. 

9.  Fundraising.  All athletes, beginners through team, are required to fundraise.  Those in Beginner I through Pre-team will be required to pay $50, per family, at the time of registration for each 10 week session that is attended. Refer to the fundraising tab (under news/events) for more information on fundraising.  

11.  ObservingObservation from the lobby is welcomed and encouraged, however siblings must be attended by an adult at all times.  Adults and siblings must remain in the lobby at all times unless asked to come into the gym by a staff member or stopping into the office to ask a question.   

12.  Hair.  Long hair MUST be pulled back and bound.

13.  Jewelry.  All watches and jewelry, with the exception of stud earrings, must be left at home or with your shoes and may not be worn while preforming gymnastics. 

14.  Food/ Drink.  No food or drink, with the exception of water, is allowed in the gym.  

15.  Attire.  Appropriate attire is required.  Girls should have a leotard or fitted shorts/shirt without buttons, zippers or external strings. Boys should have shorts/shirts without buttons, zippers or external strings.  Socks, tights, flared pants and hooded sweatshirts should be avoided.

16.  Make-Ups.  Make-up classes are available for sickness or injury provided there is room available in a similar class.  Please contact the office to schedule any make-up classes.  There are no make-ups for classes cancelled due to weather.

17.  Weather.  We follow the weather alerts for New Prague Area Schools (ISD 721).  If the Schools are closed due to weather there will be no classes or team practice. If there is a late start, morning classes will be cancelled, and if there is an early release due to weather, evening classes will be cancelled.  Unfortunately classes missed due to weather are not able to be made up.    

18. Late Registrations.  Late registrations, after week 4 of a session, are allowed but you must contact the NPGC office. Late registrations will not be pro-rated unless an injury has kept a child out of class. See our policy on Injuries for more info. 

19.  Communication.  The preferred method of communication at NPGC is email.  However, you may call us at (952) 758-6444. There are many times we cannot get to the phone as we are out in the gym coaching.

20.  Conflicts.  There are times when scheduling conflicts arise and we end up having to cancel classes for the day or evening. In the event that this occurs we will send out an e-mail to those on our e-mail list, update our website and phone message and update our Facebook page. In addition to these things we will usually post it in the lobby, if we have advanced notice.

21.  Holiday.  There are holidays that we close for. The days that are scheduled to be off due to a break or holiday can be found on the schedule for the session or in the lower left corner of our webpage. We do not offer make-up classes for these off days, but we do pro-rate the cost for the days missed. This is why different class days may cost different amount for the same level.