Fundraising Questions and Answers

Q)Why did I pay my annual fee again?

A) NPGC does not have an annual fee but unfortunately our system cannot label it any other way. What you are paying is your fundraising fee for the session.

Q) When am I required to pay the fundraising fee?

A) The fundraising fee is paid when you register your child/children for a class the the Fall, Winter, or Spring.

Q) Is the fundraising fee paid for each child or each family?

A) The fundraising fee is per family.

Q) Who is required to fundraise?

A) Any family with one or more students enrolled in a beginner class or higher, including the club team, tumbling and older beginners, is required to pay the fundraising fee.

Q) Why do I have to pay the fundraising fee?

A) The money raised from fundraising is the money we use to purchase equipment for the club.  So, everything goes right back into helping us continue to provide a safe, quality gymnastics program.  

Q) What do I need to know about the fundraiser itself? 

A) If you elect to pick up raffle tickets, there will be an envelope for you to pick up the second week of classes.  The envelope will contain a pack of 10 raffle tickets(5 per Fall Session), to be sold for $5 each.  The money you get from selling these tickets you keep.  You can also fill out your own information on them and turn them in if you prefer or select the option to be autoentered at the time of registration so there is no need to pick tickets up or worry about anything.  The envelope will also contain an information sheet with raffle turn in dates, drawing date, and any other important information that you need to know about the fundraiser.  

Q) What if I don't sell my raffle tickets, do I still need to turn them in? 

A) Yes, we are required to turn in all tickets to the gambling committee so all raffle tickets need to be turned in whether they were sold or not.